Hall brothers party for a cause

Hall brothers party for a cause

One of the Hall brothers is dedicated to sport, the other is dedicated to jazz.

Brad Hall, serious and seriously fit, is a competitive cyclist, has a degree in psychology and sport science, runs Hall Cycle Training in West Perth, is the director of the Cycling Development Foundation and trains the Veris racing team.

His younger brother, Adam, loves jazz, loves dance parties and loves teasing his older brother.

Adam discovered jazz in primary school, studied music in Boston in the US, is a virtuoso trumpeter and plays alto saxophone, piano, euphonium, mellophonium, and a little bit of bass and drums for good measure.

His band, Adam Hall and the Playboys, perform regularly around town.

Brad is about to turn 40, so Adam offered to play at his birthday party. Brad asked him to play for a fundraiser instead.

Jazz for a Cause is a dance party that will be hosted by Cycling Development Foundation (CDF) and Veris Racing Team will raise money for Solaris Cancer Care in Cottesloe.

Brad trains cyclists for Solaris’s annual charity event, the 500km Red Sky Ride.

Brad said: The concept of sport in itself doesn’t impact on the community as much as people think it does. Sports people have a moral obligation to give back to the people who support them.”

Brad supports as Aboriginal youth bike program, trains amateur cyclists for the Red Sky Ride and has now instigated Jazz for a Cause.

Adam (37) said: “I’d do anything for my brother, so if he wants to do this instead of having a birthday party, I’m in.”

Fresh from award-winning performances at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Adam Hall and the Soul Playboys will perform high energy dance music by the likes of Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars in the basement music venue, The Sewing Room, next Saturday May 19, from 8pm.

Part Proceeds will be donated to Solaris Cancer Care to help people living with cancer.

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Written by Sarah McNeill

media published by The Post, published 12 May 2018