About Solaris

How we help

Solaris Cancer Care is a DGR status charity dedicated to providing support for cancer patients, their carers, and families. We meet the unmet needs of the growing number of cancer survivors – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Solaris Cancer Care supports all people, with all types of cancer, through every stage of cancer treatment and life after treatment.

We see our role is to provide a personalised, comprehensive wellness plan to help every cancer patient navigate their journey through their cancer treatment with optimal health.

We do this through a range of integrated services:

  • Counselling and facilitated support groups
  • Creating and implementing a cancer plan or individual pathway through cancer services
  • Complementary therapies in and near hospital treatment centres
  • Psychoeducational workshops and short courses
  • Provide reliable, evidence-based information about cancer wellness
  • Support to help clients with fear of recurrence and deal with the emotional effects of cancer
  • Complementary and integrative therapies specific to life after treatment
  • Facilitate programs to assist clients to find meaning and spirituality
  • Tranquil spaces to relax, read, drink tea, and chat
  • Provide a community centre where clients can meet other people with cancer