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Life goals and cancer

Chogyam Trungpa says ‘The path is the goal’ and this is apt for many lifestyle changes and health promoting behaviours. The practices of yoga, meditation, mindful eating, emotional wellbeing and self- awareness do not necessarily lead to any tangible outcomes. The practices themselves are the goal and any outcomes are merely side effects of practice.

Setting behavioural goals can be effective for some people, such as deciding to exercise more regularly, however during the cancer journey there will be times for kindness and a soft approach, and times for putting more energy towards health promoting behaviour goals.

The key areas of lifestyle change that can improve your wellbeing and increase your chances of a long and healthy life include:

Create a lifestyle that fits with your values and goals and has elements that you enjoy. Working with a suitably qualified counsellor can help you set realistic goals that are in line with your core values, and potentially add to your quality of life.

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