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Get support

Cancer is different for everyone, but it does not mean you need to go through it alone. Solaris Cancer Care provides emotional and physical support to patients and families living with cancer, by offering a helping hand to improve quality of life and overall wellbeing.

Solaris Cancer Care delivers free integrated care to assist patients and their families overcome the complexities of living with cancer.

All services are free of charge and available to all adult cancer patients and their carers. Please be aware that some services at the Cottesloe centre incur a minimal fee.

Our cancer support services

  • Cancer Support Centres: linked with major hospitals 
  • Access to safe and supervised complementary integrative therapies
  • Counselling
  • Exercise Programs: Chemo Club
  • Bereavement Support Groups
  • State-wide cancer support
  • Resource library
  • Carer Workshops
  • Outreach presentations
  • Biennial Cancer Care Symposium

Solaris is dedicated to providing evidence-based support to strengthen the physical and mental ability of people affected by cancer, ensuring a positive experience during a challenging time.

Become a Friend of Solaris Cancer Care

In our community centre at Cottesloe, you can experience a range of complementary therapies, wellness activities, support groups, educational programs, guest speakers and more. While the services and programs at other centres are free of charge, to provide ongoing support, Solaris Cancer Care Cottesloe has a nominal fee structure. 

We welcome everyone to join our community

  • Anyone going through cancer
  • Carers
  • Family members and friends
  • Anyone with a chronic illness
  • Cancer survivors
  • Anyone who wishes to support the community impacted by cancer and chronic illness

We offer two different fee structures. To access everything on offer all year around, choose the Wellness Club level. If you’re accompanying a friend or loved one, choose the supporter package at the same level. The Standard Package is designed for people who wish to attend support groups and counselling, but not all activities. If you prefer to just drop in occasionally, please support the centre by paying the public fees.

Find a support service to suit your wellness journey

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Help us continue supporting people like Emma by making a donation this tax season. Every donation makes a difference.

Help us continue supporting people by making a donation this tax season. Every donation makes a difference.