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Guest speaker events

Our chosen Guest Speakers are leaders in their various fields and bring diversity to our wellness program.

Our remarkable Guest Speakers volunteer their time enabling us to offer these sessions at no charge, as a forum for people to open their minds and hearts to different ways of thinking, seeing and finding peace and wellbeing.

Upcoming Events

Guest Speaker: Ajahn Brahm

Be inspired by the venerable Ajahn Brahm, a gifted teacher who has been a practicing Buddhist monk for over 30 years. With his deep wisdom coupled with raucous sense of humour, you’ll be delighted and transported by his story telling, and invited to experience the vast stillness within through direct meditation experiences. 

Start the year in peace with Ajahn Brahm’s annual address. His dharma talk will cover mindfulness, kindfulness and with his usual humour, bring us all together to take a breather and experience peace.



Tuesday 23rd of February 2021

16:00 PM – 18:00 PM

9384 3544 
80 Railway Street Cottesloe 6011

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