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Keys to Empowerment

Join experienced facilitator Cathy Brown to explore the nine areas of life cancer thrivers may have in common. Built on lived experiences, this interactive program brings to life your unique

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Living Life

Living Life is a 3 week course which can be stand alone or follow on from Change Your Mind, Change Your Life. In this course we will be looking at

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Drumming Course

For anyone facing a diagnosis or who are carers, the changes they face within themselves and by extension to their relationships is unfamiliar territory. Research shows depression and anxiety is

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Meeting the Challenge

Meeting the Challenge half day seminar will introduce you to a range of available services and support, including: Evidence based complementary therapies proven to help you feel as well as

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Peaceful Embodiment

This five-week course brings together the neuroscience of recovery after trauma, with the latest in mindful movement techniques, and is highly relevant to anyone who feels like their body has

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Tuesday Wellness Support Group

Support groups bring people together and provide a safe forum for exchanging perspectives, sharing concerns, and gaining confidence to face the future. Support groups are typically led by a trained

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Bereavement – Living with Loss

https://vimeo.com/464864976 Have you lost someone close to you? Joining this 5 week group will allow you to express and process your experience in a supportive, professionally facilitated group with others

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Help us continue supporting people by making a donation this tax season. Every donation makes a difference.