Health and finances

Health and finances

There’s so much more to managing your life after diagnosis than just the conventional medical treatment. While your oncologist and members of the multi-disciplinary team are the experts in treating cancers, your experience is unique to your life situation.

Cancer doesn’t happen in isolation. The rest of your life continues to have demands, desires, stressors, achievements and expectations. A significant stressor is managing your finances throughout and beyond this time.

Health and finances is a large area with many facets and you should always seek professional advice. Ask your current financial team, medical team or hospital welfare worker for assistance . You may need to juggle so many aspects and rearrange your budget with potential increased costs and a reduced income.

There are so many questions that need to be explored and answered such as will I be able to work, or do I need to take time off? What does my private health insurance/Medicare cover? What are my rights? Does medication cost extra? Where can I get help? 

We have attached several links which may be of benefit and lead you to answers.

Cancer Australia ‘works collaboratively and liaises with a wide range of groups, including those affected by cancer, key stakeholders and service providers with an interest in cancer control’

The website provides comprehensive and independent private health insurance information ‘This website aims to answer your questions about private health insurance by explaining how it works, and who and what is covered. You can also compare policies from different Health insurers to help you choose a policy that is right for you.’


The Cancer Council of Australia can offer guidance and support via their webpage or Helpline on 13 11 20

Patient Assisted Travel Scheme:

More Information:

Sources of support may also include:

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