Complementary Integrated Therapies

Complementary Integrated Therapies

Complementary Integrated Therapies (CIT’s) are evidence-based or patient informed, they are used alongside mainstream medical treatments to provide supportive care and improve quality of life.

CIT’s may assist in reducing physical and psychological distress, to achieve the best possible health outcome. Integrative therapy is a term often used to describe the combined use of proven mainstream treatments and complementary methods. You may have heard the term integrative oncology. Evidence has shown that complementary therapies may assist with symptoms associated with cancer treatment, including pain, nausea, fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Integrative therapy is one of the reasons that some people with cancer use complementary therapies, as it gives them the opportunity to take an active role in their health care. This provides a sense of control over what is happening to them and a way of contributing to their well-being.

Solaris Cancer Care therapists are required to have an approved standard of training and experience before they are eligible to provide their complementary therapy treatment at our centres. They are able to adjust their expertise to accommodate the needs of individual stages of treatment and patient/carer requirements. Most sessions are approximately fifty minutes in duration.

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Sounds of Hope

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100% of proceeds will help provide free services for people with cancer.

Bunbury Turf Club – 27 April, 10am

Solaris Cottesloe – 27 April, 5pm and 28 April, 10am & 2pm