The cancer experience

The cancer experience

Solaris Cancer Care endeavours to provide up to date, practical, evidence informed information on complementary integrative approaches to cancer management, disease prevention, health and wellbeing activities and support services.

If you have received a diagnosis of any form of cancer, it’s likely to be a distressing experience. You are not alone. With over 13,000 people diagnosed in WA each year, and many more living with or recovered from cancer, there are people who understand what you are going through. Along with health and medical professionals, you can find support amongst like-minded peers. 

It’s natural to look around for information and resources to guide your decisions. The internet, books, documentaries, and well-meaning friends, family members and colleagues, are all likely to have an opinion about cancer and how you can look after yourself. Sometimes that’s helpful, and the care of our communities is usually welcome. However many people report feeling more confused than ever, especially if what they are being told, or reading about, appears to contradict professional medical advice.

There are many ways to become involved, informed and inspired at one of our beautiful centres. You might decide to start with a counselling session, a wellness coaching session, or join a support group. Many people find our Meeting the Challenge seminar a helpful launch pad, which introduces some of our key activities such as meditation, healthy eating, and group support.

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