Cancer care campaign says May we Thrive

Cancer care campaign says May we Thrive

WA’s leading cancer support provider Solaris Cancer Care has launched its May we Thrive campaign to keep services available to cancer patients and their carers in Albany.

The independently funded charity helps cancer patients cope with the emotional and physical side-effects of diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

The campaign raises funds to allow the service to keep providing support and treatment to thousands of people.

After services were cut in Albany because of funding issues, the campaign provided enough funds to re-establish them. Solaris Cancer Cares chief executive David Edwards said the organisation was fortunate to have two regional centres – one in Albany, and the other in Bunbury.

“In 2018 Solaris ran the May we Thrive campaign specifically because we had to limit our services in regional areas, including Albany, due to funding issues,” he said.

“The campaign was highly successful and enabled us to reestablish Solaris Albany to its previous operating capacity. May we Thrive aims to ensure we can continue to meet the needs of regional patients. Evidence suggests that health outcomes from regional patients are significantly poorer than metropolitan counterparts. Our enabling services assist to reduce this disadvantage by providing services in Albany.”

He said Albany, Solaris Care delivered more that $200,000 worth f supportive care interventions each year.

The Solaris Cancer Care centre in Albany provided more than 2300 episodes of care last year and Mr Edwards said it was on track for an increase in 2019.

Written by Jessica Cuthbert

media and images published by Albany Extra, published 17 May 2019