Dry July 2016: Regional Patient Ambassador Barbara Cruickshank

Dry July 2016: Regional Patient Ambassador Barbara Cruickshank

My Year with Waldenstrom

Barbara lives by the philosophy ‘you can do anything you put your mind to’ which is clearly portrayed through her positive

, effervescent nature. She describes her cancer experience as more of a detour in the road rather than a journey, a deviation that started 18 months ago…

Having worked in the allied health industry for several years, I instinctively knew something was not quite right. After several meetings and a constant feeling of exhaustion, the results of a blood test gave me the answers.

Swiftly I was off to Albany Health Campus to be greeted by doctors, have biopsies ordered and treatment plans discussed. This is when it all became very real.


After examining all options with the charming John Lindsay, we decided I would receive six rounds of chemotherapy. After completing two rounds and many a blood test, the treatment was intensified and another six more sessions of chemotherapy were required.

This is where my trip with SolarisCare began.  Whilst I was receiving chemotherapy, the SolarisCare team were always there.  They provided me with massages, company and support.  Without this amazing group of volunteers, my six-hour chemo sessions would have been unbearable.

I finished chemo in October and I am now in maintenance until the end of May. Soon I will need to go back for more blood tests and maybe another bone marrow biopsy. In spite of my slight detour I am feeling so good I have gone back to work for a few hours a week.

After my treatments had finished the amazing group of people at SolarisCare provided me with support I needed and established friendships that will last forever.  It is due to this that I pledge myself to the great cause of Dry July.

Safe trip, Barb xx
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