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Refer a business or friend

Thank you for providing a personal introduction to a friend or a business – it can make a world of difference. It means that we are no longer cold calling for help.

A personal introduction to a business can make a world of difference.

 If you have a relationship, then Solaris gets to benefit from that relationship. It means we are no longer cold-calling for help.

If you fill in these details of this form, we will then be able to follow up directly with the business and see if there is an opportunity for them to support us.

You can also help us by sending an email, letter or picking up the phone and sharing the story to your friend or business that may be in position to help Solaris. And if you do get interest from a business, please let us know and we can complete the grant applications and do all the heavy lifting.

And thank you again for your kind support.

Refer a business or friend

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