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Resources Young Adults with Cancer Can Use

Adolescence can already be a difficult time, being when you become your own person and seek independence. Therefore, during this stage, cancer may seem like an obstacle to newfound freedoms and opportunities.

However, in order to lessen the hardship caused by the illness, individuals are encouraged to tap into resources that will assist them in their journey, such as those described below.

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The Feel Good Effect: Art’s Touch on Young Adults with Cancer

The experience of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment can often result in patients feeling overwhelmed and unable to verbally express difficult thoughts and feelings. Art Therapy provides cancer patients, specifically young adults, with powerful tools to cope with their illness and help facilitate self-expression and alternative ways of communicating.

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Demystifying Integrative Oncology

Solaris Cancer Care is proud to release this video of our Founder’s contributions to new conversations about integrative oncology’s mark in the medical field.  Professor David Joske was invited to

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