Cancer centre appeal

Cancer centre appeal

Solaris in Dire Need of Funds to Continue

Written by Lauren Pilat

A sanctuary and place to escape cancer treatment may be forced to stop providing vital services to patients if it can’t raise the necessary funds to support those in need.

With no ongoing government funding, Solaris Cancer Care has fallen short of raising the required $100,000 to support patients and has launches the May we Survive and Thrive campaign.

Solaris delivers more than $1 million worth of healthcare primarily through free therapies that provide patients with support to cope with the emotional and physical side effects of cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Greenmount resident Sue Van Logtenstein volunteers at Solaris, where she used to access services herself after being diagnosed in 2016 with stage three triple negative breast cancer.

Ms Van Logtenstein said Solaris needed to raise funds by the end of the month so it could continue to help people going through what she did.

“I sincerely hope this is achieved as it would be a very sad day if this centre was to close as so many patients rely on it,” she said.

“Before finding out about Solaris I didn’t really have anyone that I felt I could talk to about my cancer. I did not want to upset my family telling them how frightened I really was about my future and the treatment itself. I found Solaris to be a place I could go during my treatment where people understood what I was going through”

The mother-of-two said she accessed several Solaris treatments that helped her relax and forget about her cancer treatment.

“I found Solaris to be a sanctuary, somewhere I could go and feel completely at ease about talking about how I was or was not coping at the time,” she said.

“Alison, who manages Solaris in Subiaco was so wonderful while I was going through treatment, always there for a shoulder to cry on. Solaris is a vital service as when you are going through treatment for cancer, everything revolved around specialists, waiting on results and the while hospital environment.”



Media and images published by Midland Kalamunda Reporter, published 18 May 2018