Janni Goss

Janni Goss( B.App.Sci.Physio) is a speaker, wellbeing educator and author, having worked with both children and adults, including at Princess Margaret Hospital and the Cottage Hospice. Janni is a Laughter Yoga practitioner and Ambassador for Laughter Yoga International, trained by Dr Madan Kataria, and is known as the ‘Laughter Lady”. Janni shares stress reduction and wellbeing strategies at Conferences and health and education events and is the author of “Love Laughter and Longevity – the Art and Science of Wellbeing” (2017) Janni is the creator of the JelliTime game and author of “The Nurturing Kids Kit” (2013). Janni advocates for adding the benefits of Laughter Yoga to the Health and Ageing sector to improve the wellbeing of staff and patients. She is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, Australian Association of Gerontology, Western Australian Association for Mental Health, Early Childhood Australia, and Early Childhood Intervention Australia. Janni is the president of LaughWA Inc and the advisor for Ageing, Disability and Mental Health for the National Council of Women WA (NCWWA).