What are Complementary Therapies?

Complementary integrated therapies (CITs) are provided to support mainstream medical cancer treatments including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Examples of complementary therapies are relaxation massage, reflexology and meditation.

For the full list of CITs offered by Solaris Cancer Care please refer to our guide, which can be downloaded here.


What do Complementary Therapies do?

International research has shown that Complementary Integrated Therapies may assist with symptoms associated with cancer treatment including pain, nausea, fatigue, anxiety and depression.


Does Complementary Therapy Treatment affect mainstream medical treatment?

No, research has shown that providing complementary therapies alongside mainstream therapies can produce positive results for patients.


How many treatments can I have?

Cancer patients and their carers may attend individual therapies, approximately one per week. Group activities and counselling can be more frequent. A program of therapies on offer is available from each centre.


How much does it cost for a treatment?

All services provided by Solaris Cancer Care are free of charge.

If you would like to make a donation you can leave this at the centre or online.


Who is entitled to make use of the centres?

The therapies offered at Solaris Cancer Care Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Wanslea Cottesloe and our regional centres in Bunbury and Albany are open to all cancer patients and carers.


Solaris Cancer Care St John of God Subiaco Hospital operates under a collaborative agreement with St John of God Subiaco Hospital and is available to patients and carers at that hospital.


Are my details kept confidential at each centre?

Solaris Cancer Care observes legislative requirements of privacy and confidentiality.

All details are confidential at all times.

Do I need a referral?

Patients and carers may self-refer; referral from a health care professional is not required.


Are all the therapists qualified in their fields?

Yes, all therapists have accredited professionals. Information about qualifications of all therapists is available upon request.



When are the centres open and do I need to book?

The centres are open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

Solaris Cancer Care Great Southern is open Monday to Thursday from 8.30am to 4.30pm. Please contact us to book an appointment.


How are the centres funded?

Solaris Cancer Care does not receive ongoing government funding. As a community-based health organisation, we are reliant on the generosity of community partnerships, support from the general public and fundraising events, in particular, the Red Sky Ride.


How can Complementary Therapies help?

Complementary Therapies can help in several ways. Mind-Body Techniques allow people to explore their emotions and give an opportunity to discuss thoughts, feelings and concerns. They may also reduce the symptoms of pain, stress, depression, sleeplessness and fear. Examples of these therapies are Acupuncture, Creative Visualisation, Meditation and Yoga.

Touch/Body-Based Practices may reduce pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression and nausea. Examples are Kinesiology, Massage and Reflexology.

Energy based Therapies are very gentle and non-invasive as they unblock energy and restore its flow throughout the body to restore balance. It may provide a sense of warmth calm and relaxation. Pranic Healing, Reiki and Healing Touch are examples.

Can I have treatment in the wards or as an outpatient?

Most treatments can be given in the ward and in the outpatient area.

Can I have treatment if I have a central line/PICC line/portacath/lymphoedema?

All of the CITs can be given to patients with Central Lines, PICC Lines and PORTACATHS as all of the Therapists will avoid those areas completely. Lymphoedema Massage and Drainage will only be given by specifically trained Therapists. Please inquire when booking.

Can I simply use the centre as a rest stop?

All Solaris Cancer Care Centres welcome everyone to drop in and relax in the comforting and calming surrounds at any time. People are encouraged to utilise the library, literature and have a cuppa, a chat with our volunteers or even curl up on the lounge with a magazine or have a nap.


For more information please contact us