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Clare Lubich

Clare is a vibrant single mother of two, always looking to put others first. When diagnosed with cancer, she felt like she was battling cancer alone, and reached out for a helping hand.  

“When I was going through cancer I felt fearful and alone, I was facing radiation treatment after already undergoing two surgeries. I was worries about how this would affect my teenage daughters; I wanted to be strong as I have always been there for them.  

With no other family in Perth, I wondered who would be there for me. Solaris Cancer Care became my sanctuary, a welcome island in a very turbulent and grey sea.  

The centre gave me the strength I needed. What I loved most is, it is about taking control over parts of your health journey and feeling empowered and nurtured along the way. I am so thankful and grateful for the support that was so generously given to me on my road to a healthy and happy life.”

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