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The wellness approach

The wellness approach is about meeting the challenges cancer presents to you by taking an active role in your health care,  translating the best of current scientific research findings into a sustainable lifestyle, and connecting with the aspects of your life that bring you joy, peace and well-being.

There are medical staff with incredible expertise in treating your illness, however many people find that there’s a gap left for their own wellness practices. Taking a wellness approach to cancer is not a solution on its’ own, but rather complementary to oncology and conventional medicine. Your wellness approach will be unique to you but may include emotional and practical support, nutrition, yoga, meditation, health promoting stress management strategies and exercise.

With the support of a skilled counsellor you may like to create your own Wellness Plan, a clear vision of the way you’d like to care for yourself, with realistic small steps laid out before you. Many people find this collaborative approach to wellness goal setting is an empowering process. Book an appointment for Wellness Coaching with one of our qualified counsellors.

Solaris Cancer Care offers a complete wellness program with a range of therapies, groups, classes and services you can access to support your well-being during and after cancer treatment.

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