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My Cancer Diary

It is a really good idea to keep a Cancer Diary recording your visits to different health professionals e.g. doctors, oncologists, naturopaths, support groups, massage therapists, reiki, etc. Here’s why.

  • Recording the date, time and venue helps to keep track of appointments.
  • Documenting your feelings and understanding of the visit can help you make decisions and ask relevant questions of your health professionals.
  • Memories blur and fade very quickly, especially when you’re under stress. It is important to keep track of your journey and treatment.
  • Documenting the follow-up needed from each visit can help you maintain your treatment regime – you might want to clarify whether it is up to you or your doctor to make appointments with other professionals. (It is quite common for people to leave appointments not understanding what needs to be done next).
  • Documenting medications required and taken as a memory aid and in case you have an adverse response or wish to let another professional know what you’re taking. You can also refer back to notes you may have made about that medication.
  • If you’re still not sure, or are having difficulty understanding the process, you can get your health professional to write it down for you.

We recommend that you buy a special book or journal for you to document the journey, including your emotional responses to your treatment and experiences.