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The cancer-free day

Some people report finding it important to have regular ‘Cancer Free Days’.

A Cancer Free Day is one in which you can forget you have cancer and live a normal life for a day.

Choose what you love doing and think about the last time you did it. Has it been a long time? Maybe now is the time to consider how to bring your favourite activities into your life in some form.

Put some thought into creating at least one day a week that has nothing to do with cancer or illness. Here are some ideas for your Cancer Free Day:

  • Catch up with family or friends
  • Go to a funny movie
  • Take a walk along the beach or in the bush to get back to nature
  • Read a good book
  • Take a class (cooking, another language, arts)
  • Go shopping (retail therapy)
  • Massage and/or reflexology
  • Spa treatments
  • Going on a walking tour
  • Recreational sports and activities
  • Fishing
  • Swim at the beach

What will your cancer-free day look like?