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Support groups

Nurturing and supportive groups regularly hosted at our centres

Solaris Cancer Care holds weekly support groups for people with cancer and their carers. Click on one of the support groups on the menu to see specific details, times and locations.

Why Join a Cancer Support Group?

One reason cancer patients may feel isolated is that the people around them, no matter how loving and helpful, have not faced a similar situation themselves and may find it difficult to deeply understand what they are going through. Or perhaps the person with the diagnosis doesn’t want to burden their loved ones. For couples and carers too, different issues arise which may be beyond the scope of normal relationships and social settings. For many people with cancer and their families, support groups like the ones Solaris run weekly are an integral part of the journey.

The benefits of attending a cancer support group are:

  • You can establish a support network
  • You can share experiences with people in similar circumstances
  • You can learn coping strategies
  • You can explore emotions in a safe, supportive environment
  • You can explore your beliefs, values, personal growth and spirituality in a compassionate community


Get in touch to talk about which group(s) are right for you or take a look at the program.