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Reiki Clinic

Reiki Community Clinic

The International Institute for Reiki Training (IIRT) and Reiki Association (WA) Inc. have partnered with Solaris Cancer Care to provide reiki as a community service to our members and the broader West Australian community.

Reiki is an energy based approach which promotes overall wellness. A trained, accredited reiki practitioner uses his or her hands to transmit energy to the recipient. The mechanism of reiki cannot currently be proven by science, however clients report anecdotally that reiki can help with pain management, relaxation and the side effects of cancer treatment.

Reiki sessions are also available to people with cancer, who are unable to travel, in their homes or hospital through our Reiki Outreach Program. Reiki in this context can be profoundly relaxing and help the recipient to be at peace.

Times: Tuesdays 11.30am-1.30pm

Cost: Free

Location: Solaris Cancer Care, 80 Railway St, Cottesloe.

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