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Outreach Support

Outreach to regional areas and support in your home or hospital.

Our community outreach programs involve Solaris Cancer Care taking its services to regional and outer metropolitan areas, or specific groups of people, to ensure everyone has the opportunity to access these services.

The Outreach Support program fulfils an often unmet need by reaching out to people within the community who are unable (for reasons including being too unwell, incapacity, disadvantage or disability) to attend our in-house programs or services.

The outreach program includes regular phone or Skype contact, home/hospital care packs, visits and outreach counselling services. Counsellors are available for members during times of crisis or critical care, maintaining a strong sense of support and links with the culture, community, and resources of Solaris Cancer Care.

We are sensitive to the diverse needs of CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) populations and endeavour to respectfully serve all people affected by cancer, and link people to services where our capacity does not currently extend. If you are a service provider who would like to discuss client needs and opportunities for cross referral we welcome your contact.

Check out the current program to see what Outreach Support is on offer, or select an item from the Outreach sub-menu. You can also contact us to discuss our Outreach services.

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Port Hedland Cancer Support Group

The group was born out of an identified need for support in an isolated regional area.

The Well Womens Centre recognised a gap in our Region for both those who have been diagnosed with cancer and for those who are caring for loved ones on the cancer journey.

We began the group 18 months ago to support those in need.  Our two facilitators have both been on the cancer journey themselves and attended the Cancer Support Group Facilitator Training in Perth.

Our group meets monthly at the Well Womens Centre.  These nights are sometimes just a fun filled night, other nights we have information sessions i.e. diet, self-care workshops, making of natural products, healthy eating dinner party, movies night and meditation just to name a few.  It’s also a great safe space to come and feel the support for both you and your loved ones who have been challenged by the diagnosis. At the Well Womens Centre, we also have the services of two Counsellors along with a Dietitian and a Nurse who deals with female health, available at the centre and these services are free of charge. 

The Cancer Group consists of a variety of people ranging in all ages, both males and female, cancer survivors and also careres.  As we reside in a regional area, we felt the need to have a group that is diverse rather than specific to any one particular demographic.

We do not want anyone fighting this and feeling alone as can happen in an isolated Regional area.  Some days a simple hug is enough to get you on your feet and walking again to face another day.  We want to wrap them in support and hope.  As a group, we can offer assistance in other forms as well, financially, home help, lifts to and from appointments, meals and even support with the daunting amount of paperwork that is required for each appointment (PATS). 

We provide a safe place to share, work through the emotional roller coaster, the challenges the journey brings,  It’s so important we also take care of the carers as they stand on the sideline and watch over something they have no control in. Emotional wellbeing can have a large impact on recovery.

In our group, our motto is to find out what is behind the smiles. Join us SECOND MONDAY EACH MONTH 5:30pm
WELL WOMEN'S CENTRE 2B LEAKE STREET, SOUTH HEDLAND | For more information, call Jill on 9140 1124