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Managing Cancer

There's so much more to managing cancer than just undergoing medical treatment.

There's so much more to managing your life after diagnosis than just the conventional medical treatment. While your oncologist and members of the multi-disciplinary team are the experts in treating cancers, your experience is unique to your life situation.

Cancer doesn’t happen in isolation. The rest of your life continues to have demands, desires, stressors, achievements and expectations. Sometimes people report feeling as if their illness has taken over their life and identity. Certainly there are various appointments to keep and numerous changes to adapt to, including physically but also often mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A cancer diagnosis can shake the foundations of the way you view yourself, your values and beliefs. For some people, that strengthens areas of life to which they already give time, energy and resources. For others, it presents an opportunity to make lifestyle changes that reflect a new way of living.

At Solaris Cancer Care we embrace a philosophy of overall health, wellbeing and empowerment. We offer support and resources that allow you to find your own preferred way to manage this experience. The intention is for you to take charge of the areas of wellbeing that are within your personal control, and find peace with the things that are not controllable.

Our courses and activities are based on an evidence based approach, and we do our best to avoid judgment and dogma, in order to respect your lifestyle, beliefs and choices. We are constantly evaluating and updating our programs and resources to help you sift through vast amount of information available in the field of integrative oncology.

We promote physical activity, with a variety of options including individualised exercise programs, yoga, tai chi, and qigong. For peace of mind and gentle approach that doesn’t interfere with conventional treatment we offer meditation, mindfulness based stress reduction, and reiki. Nutrition is often an area that can be empowering, even while it can also be confusing. Our courses present the latest evidence around what constitutes a healthy diet and what is proven to decrease risk in some types of cancer. The evidence in this area continues to grow and while there’s no perfect diet for everyone, and no one food can guarantee a cancer free life, we invite relevant experts to share their perspectives and knowledge.

You will find activities and interests that connect and improve your health and wellbeing physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Our programs and services are here to support you in improving your quality of life and to help you manage your experience of cancer.

For many, the first port of call in the bewildering array of questions after diagnosis is to contact Solaris Cancer Care. You will find a supportive, calm and helpful listener when you email or call. You will have access to all our high quality workshops, activities, groups and events, our library and resources and, best of all, our qualified and experienced people.

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