Carer Support

Carers need support too. Special groups and counselling to help carers and families through the cancer experience.

Support for the Carer

Caregivers may find it challenging to reach out for support. They are likely to have their own unmet needs along the cancer experience, and sometimes services are focused so much on the person with the diagnosis, that the needs of caregivers are overlooked or underserviced. Relationship dynamics and roles may be altered when one partner is diagnosed and this can become an additional strain on emotional resilience reserves.

Caregivers may include children, partners, parents, siblings and friends. They may take the primary caring role or be part of an extended family or group. Finding ways to practice self -care and manage your own mental, emotional and physical health are important for sustained caring.

 It is wise to find resources and support as early on as you can. This can include counselling, attending support groups together or alone, and scheduling time outside the home/hospital environment for activities such as massage, meditation, yoga or simply spending time enjoying life.

Solaris Cancer Care welcomes carers and families to participate in all our groups, courses, activities and events.