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Cancer Wellness

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Cancer Wellness Support Group

Our Cancer Wellness Support Groups are for people who wish to live well before, during and after cancer. Wellness doesn’t apply to just the physical health of your body, but rather to a multi factorial sense of self, in relationships, meaning and purpose, activities, nutrition and more. Investing in your wellness can improve your quality of life, regardless of diagnosis.

These ongoing open support groups enable people with cancer and their carers to:

  • Discover new friends and share ways of coping
  • Find commonality and strength in sharing experiences with other group members
  • Reflect and take stock of how things are going
  • Connect with inner resources and other people’s wisdom
  • Tell your story in a safe, non-judging space


Being a Wellness Group, the focus is on what it means to ‘live well’ and how different people find peace of mind, healthy habits, sense of connection, community, energy and relief from the challenges of cancer in their daily lives.

Cancer Wellness Support Groups are facilitated by experienced group facilitators.

Time: Tuesdays 10am-12pm weekly

Cost: No charge