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The Solaris Cancer Care Team is comprised of individuals with decades of experience in their various areas of cancer wellness expertise and a commitment to prevent cancer wherever possible and improve cancer outcomes for those with the disease.

We encourage health professionals to both attend and offer wellness-based programs relevant to our clients through the Cancer Wellness Centre in Cottesloe.

Our programs

Solaris Cancer Care’s programs are based on a synthesis of personal experience, current research and timeless wisdom.

Our support services

For more information or to access counselling and support groups contact your local centre. Find out more about our Support Services.

Cancer Wellness Training & Mentoring Program

As a recognised leader in cancer wellness education, Solaris Cancer Care is set to launch an education program for health and allied professionals to educate about cancer wellness principles and to provide resources for patients. Contact us to enquire.

Guest Speakers

Solaris Cancer Care’s inspiring wellness presenters regularly speak publicly to educate children, youth and adults about cancer prevention and cancer wellbeing. View our program.

Library and information

Solaris Cancer Care hosts an extensive library of books and resources related to cancer and wellness available for loan to members.

Online Resources

The Solaris Cancer Care website contains comprehensive cancer information with many online resources, courses and video content.