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Join author, laughter yoga facilitator and physiotherapist Janni Goss to learn strategies to outsmart stress and nurture yourself. With a focus on positive relationships and emotions such as kindness, love, gratitude and compassion, along with hearty laughter. Is laughter the best medicine? Try a dose and find out!

Day: Thursday

Date: May 24th

Time: 1pm - 2.15pm

Venue: Cottesloe

Wellbeing Matters

24 May 2018 More Info


Join experienced facilitator Cathy Brown to explore the nine areas of life cancer thrivers may have in common. Built on lived experiences, this interactive program brings to life your unique experience making informed choices to support your wellbeing.
This course is hopeful and opens up discussions on a variety of topics relevant to people facing health issues. As her PhD thesis Kelly Turner examined outliers- people who outlived their prognosis, and analysed the key themes they had in common. While we are careful to avoid false hope, many people diagnosed with cancer find that reading the stories of these cancer thrivers is very helpful.
The nine areas discussed, with room for debate, sharing and dissension, include:
1. Changing your diet – if so, why, and who to consult
2. Taking control of your health – how to source reliable information and make informed decisions
3. Following your intuition – first de-stress, then tune in
4. Using herbs and supplements – is there any evidence? Can this cause harm?
5. Keeping the lines of communication open
6. Managing emotions; increasing positive experiences
7. Embracing social support
8. Deepening your spiritual connection
9. Checking with values and reasons for living well

Benefits & Outcomes

  • An understanding of the nine key principles that people who thrive have in common.
  • Deeper understanding of the choices people make, and what possible life paths have been trod by others.
  • Sharing resources and ideas in a facilitated, inclusive forum.

“Our health—and indeed our entire lives—can be seen as the sum of all our moment-to-moment decisions. This includes how we choose to eat and drink, think and feel, act and react, and move and rest on any given day.”
Dr Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D.

9 Keys to Empowerment

29 May 2018 More Info




Are you providing care for someone with a serious illness?

Register for this one-day education course providing information and practical skills to help you give the best care possible.

This course is free and open to all carers of seriously ill patients.






The course will cover:
• Effective Communication with family, friends and medical personnel
• Managing Medication
• Managing Pain
• Managing Symptoms
• Practical Aspects
• Good Nutrition
• Exercise
• Self-Care
• Complementary therapies: what are they and how can they help?

All course materials, lunch and refreshments supplied.

Registration is essential as places are limited. Please register via details below


Carer's Course: Perth

09 Jun 2018 More Info


Every second Tuesday of each month we host a introductory seminar about Solaris Cancer Care and our services.








Meeting the Challenge will introduce you to a range of available services and support, including

  • Evidence based complementary therapies proven to help you feel as well as possible during and after cancer
  • You will be introduced to meditation and other key concepts we embody
  • A tour of our wonderful venue
  • Plus, you’ll have the chance to meet other people who are new to Solaris Cancer Care

“When everything is under a cloud – jobs, friendships, relationships, lifestyle and indeed life itself – we ask people diagnosed with cancer to negotiate hospital mazes, a whole new language, learn something about biology and then to decide on treatment.”

Dr David Joske



Meeting the Challenge Seminar

12 Jun 2018 More Info

Many of our clients tell us that they are interested in nutrition. Yet the internet, books and well meaning people in the community seem to have conflicting ideas about what kinds of food and eating philosophies to follow. Bring your questions on the night, or if you'd like a more considered response, please submit your questions to prior to the event so our panelists can prepare.

All welcome to this free comunity event co-hosted by Solaris Cancer Care, Breast Cancer Care WA and melanomaWA.

Tuesday, June 12th from 6pm - 8pm

Conference Hall, 80 Railway St, Cottesloe



Guest Speaker Event - Nutrition Panel - Ask an Expert

12 Jun 2018 More Info




















Venue: Albany Town Hall

217 York St

Albany 6330

Opening night Friday June 22nd 6pm - 8pm tickets are $10 each or $15/couple and includes wine and finger food.

Weekend opening hours are Saturday and Sunday 23rd and 24th June 10 am-4 pm and entry is by a gold coin donation.

Tickets available from Solaris Cancer Care 9892 2600 or email

Great Southern Art Exhibition

22 Jun 2018 More Info



 You are invited to visit the Bodhinyana Buddhist Monastery in Serpentine on

Thursday 28th June.

10.00 am Arrival at Monastery.
10.30 am Sharing of Food. Early lunch and enjoy the gardens.
12.00 pm Talk and guided meditation by the Ven Abbot Ajahn Brahm.
2.00 pm Departure. 

Please bring a plate of food for a shared lunch, which is the only meal of the day for the monks. Examples of suitable food are: vegetarian pies, bakes, quiches, noodle/pasta/rice risotto dishes, salads, fruits, cheese and desserts are welcome.

Email or  phone 08 9384 3544 for further details

Bodhinyana Buddhist Monastery Visit

28 Jun 2018 More Info

The ancient practice of Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga, and deals with holistic wellness through diet, cleansing techniques, herbs, massage, lifestyle, yoga, meditation and relaxation. Join experienced facilitator Cathy Brown on this journey into the culture and healing practices of stunning southern India.



Date: October 27th - November 10th, 2018


For more information contact Cathy Brown at:

Kerala Wellness Retreat

27 Oct 2018 More Info