How your support helps

Every donation helps us provide essential cancer support services.
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What is the money used for?

We use the money raised to support people in WA with cancer through the following:

  • Education and research
  • Wellbeing activities such as Reiki, Yoga, Exercise
  • Programs
  • Outreach
  • Workshops such as Nutrition and Relaxation

Five reasons to donate to Solaris Cancer Care

  1. Solaris Cancer Care helps people with any type of cancer, beyond their active treatment period, by providing an unmatched range of emotional support services and educational programs.
  2. Solaris Cancer Care’s programs introduce people with cancer to the wellbeing strategies they can implement in their everyday lives which could improve their outcomes, and complement other healthcare strategies.
  3. Solaris Cancer Care’s cancer support groups, mentoring and other programs provide emotional support, hope and opportunities for people with cancer.
  4. Solaris Cancer Care provides valuable and evidence based cancer support programs, publications and resources which could educate people in the prevention of cancer, aid in the recovery from cancer.
  5. If widely implemented, Solaris Cancer Care’s cancer wellbeing, education and support programs can potentially reduce the incidence and impact of cancer in Western Australia.

Donate now to make difference in Western Australian lives.