How we raise money

As a community based health organisation we are reliant on the generosity of community partnerships, donations and support of our events.
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Cancer is expensive, especially for people who seek out natural and holistic therapies to complement their treatment. For this reason, many of Solaris Cancer Care's services are free or greatly subsidised for members to ensure they are affordable. All of our core activities are free for anyone with cancer experiencing financial hardship.

Currently, our in-house fundraising efforts contribute more than 90% of the cost of delivering the wonderful activities and services in this program. Fees for service and membership fees contribute less than 5% of the organisation’s overall income. This is why we need your help. It is through the generous contributions our supporters make to our raffles, mail campaigns and through donations that we are able to deliver our program and activities.



Each year, we host three major raffles with fantastic prizes including cars, cash and shopping vouchers! Tickets are available from Solaris Cancer Care. Ticket books are available for individuals, groups, schools and businesses wishing to assist us with ticket sales. Get in touch to help with our current raffle or buy tickets.

Direct Mail Campaigns

We undertake a Tax Appeal in June and a Christmas Giving Appeal in November, where we ask our supporters to give a cash donation to support our programs.


By leaving a donation or percentage of your estate to Solaris Cancer Care in your will, you leave a long lasting legacy which will help people with cancer now and also future generations. Find out more.

General Donations

General donations directly and immediately help people with cancer in our community. Make a donation now.

Corporate Partnerships

Solaris Cancer Care is continually seeking corporate and business partners to help us reach the people and communities in WA who need us most. Find out more.

Community Fundraising

We run campaigns that allow the community to participate in fundraising through collection or sponsorship. To participate in any of our fundraising initiatives or if you have a fundraising idea of your own please contact our Marketing and Fundraising Manager.