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What we do

What we do

Solaris Cancer Care is a DGR status charity dedicated to:

Providing integrative client care.

  • Complementary therapies in and near hospital treatment centres
  • Psychoeducational workshops and short courses
  • Counselling and facilitated support groups
  • Tranquil spaces to relax, read, drink tea and chat
  • Create and implement a plan to help clients develop a pathway through cancer services.
  • Provide reliable, evidence based information about cancer wellness.

Meeting the unmet needs of the growing number of cancer survivors.

  • Support to help clients with fear of recurrence and deal with the emotional effects of cancer.
  • Complementary and integrative therapies specific to life after treatment.
  • Facilitate programs to assit clients to find meaning and spirituality as desired
  • Provide a community centre where clients can meet other people with cancer.

We deliver our services and programs through these four pillars:


  • Meeting the Challenge 1 Day Workshop
  • Extended wellness Courses.
  • Guest Speaker Program
  • Weekly Activities
  • Wellness Retreats 
  • Short workshops


  • Support Groups
  • Cancer Wellness Support Group
  • Grief & Loss Support Group
  • Empowering Women Group
  • Carer's Course
  • Counselling for families & individuals
  • Managing and preventing cancer workshops 


  • Library & Resource Centre
  • Five cancer support centres in Western Australia

Solaris Cancer Care supports all people, along with their families and carers, with all types of cancer, through every stage of cancer treatment and life after treatment.

A personalised, comprehensive wellness plan will help all people with cancer navigate their journey through their cancer treatment with optimal health.