Vision | Solaris Cancer Care



Our vision is for all Western Australians affected by cancer to have access to support services and wellness opportunities in their time and place of need.

We believe everyone diagnosed with cancer in Western Australia should be aware of the benefits of the services provided by Solaris Cancer Care.


Our mission is to support and empower people with cancer, their families and the community to live well before, during and after a cancer diagnosis.

Our Values

Care: To always help and comfort others in a supportive environment is essential to the physical and psychological well being of all individuals.

Empowerment:  Creating strength through knowledge and support

Compassion: Be empathetic to others who seek comfort to alleviate the pain and distress of cancer

Respect: We will act in a respectful manner to all who associate with us.

Community:  Working together to achieve our common goals

Code of Ethics, Conduct & Core Values

Solaris Cancer Care requires all staff members, volunteers, facilitators and student therapists to abide by the Confidentiality Agreement, the Code of Ethics, Conduct and Core Values. 

1. Solaris Cancer Care Values: 

Compassion     Respect     Empowerment     Care     Community 

       I will: 

  • act with integrity, honesty and compassion at all times 
  • demonstrate kindness, consideration  and concern for the wellbeing of all 
  • respect all individuals and value their contribution 
  • respect privacy and confidentiality  
  • create an environment that recognises the importance of diversity and is free of discrimination, harassment or victimisation. 
  • be accountable, and pursue the knowledge and skills to support my volunteering experience with Solaris Cancer Care 
  • enhance the contribution to the Cancer Community of WA through suggestions and effective implementation of changes 
  • uphold the nurturing ethos of SolarisCare Foundation 
  • Be compliant of Solaris Cancer Care policies and protocols 
  • Be nurturing and caring of all who come to the Solaris Cancer Care centres 
  • Be an advocate for the foundation and all it represents and promotes 
  • Not, in any way, advise or influence patients against, or interfere with, their mainstream medical treatment                                                                    

2. Standards of work: 

I will perform my duties to the best of my ability and at the highest level of professional conduct. I will be accountable for my work and my interactions with others. 

I will maintain accountability and: 

  • work within the goals and objectives of the foundation  
  • follow the rules, policies and procedures of the foundation 
  • act within the law  
  • undertake all duties in a diligent manner 
  • not act in a way that brings me or Solaris Cancer Care into disrespect 

In my personal behaviour I will: 

  • work cooperatively as a member of the team 
  • support colleagues and treat everyone with respect and courtesy 
  • discuss ethical concerns with management  
  • project a positive image of the foundation 
  • not be absent from my duties without an appropriate reason 
  • maintain confidentiality 

3. Conflict of interest 

I will adhere to the SolarisCare Foundation Code of Conduct and: 

  • act impartially and without prejudice 
  • declare any potential or actual conflict of interest 
  • not accept personal gifts or benefits that would influence decisions 

4. Confidentiality and privacy 

I will adhere to the SolarisCare Foundation policies on Confidentiality and Privacy and respect and keep confidential internal matters of the foundation and respect the privacy of others. 

5. Use of resources 

I will: 

  • recognise the physical, financial, technological resources and intellectual property resources that belong to the SolarisCare Foundation 
  • use all work resources efficiently and only for appropriate purposes 
  • respect and safeguard the resources 

6. Harassment and bullying 

I will ensure that my behaviour is never discriminatory, harassing or bullying and report any behaviour that I believe is breaching this. I agree to abide by the Solaris Cancer Care Workplace Discrimination and Harassment Policy WM 10.20.

7. Reporting unethical behaviour 

I will report any behaviour by SolarisCare Foundation personnel that I believe is unethical, including: 

  • workplace behaviour that is contrary to the Code of Conduct 
  • workplace behaviour that violates any law, or is corrupt or misconduct 
  • mismanagement of resources or fraudulent behaviour 
  • behaviour that creates a danger to public health, safety or the environment 

8. SolarisCare Foundation policies 

I am aware and have access to the SolarisCare Foundation Policy and Procedure Manual (available in each centre) and agree to follow these guidelines and practices. 

9. Criminal screening record 

I give permission for Criminal Record Screening to be arranged on my behalf and acknowledge that the Foundation bears the cost of this.