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Cancer Management Programs for Families

Personalised support & wellness education for the whole family

Family Cancer Management Program

When a family member has cancer, it helps if the whole family is onboard with making changes and learning to support their loved one, and also learning to take care of their own health and emotional wellbeing.

Our Family Cancer Management Program is a series of five sessions the whole family attends together.

Based on our SNAP (Stress Management, Nutrition, Activity and Purpose) model, the program is personalised for each individual family.

The goal of the sessions is to ensure that each family member is empowered to make life enhancing changes, such as improving their nutrition, moving more and learning diferent ways to manage stress. Making lifestyle changes requires energy, focus and support. Change can be stressful and sometimes creates disharmony in the family. We encourage a collaborative approach, and the Family Cancer Management program is the ideal setting for all family members to join forces and create the kind of lifestyle that fts with their shared values. Using tools such as motivational interviewing, and realistic goal setting, as well as communication skills, and confict resolution strategies, your family can feel like you are on the journey together, as a united team.

Our counsellors are skilled helpers who can work with your family to ensure every family member feels heard, and is able to draw on their unique strengths to meet the challenges cancer presents.

Book in for 5 x 1.5 hour weekly sessions at a time that suits your family.


FREE for Wellness Club members;

FREE for Standard members;

For bookings and more information about our Family Cancer Management Programs please call our office during office hours 08 9384 3544