Groundbreaking cancer treatment at Fuda


A guest post by Dr. Niu Lizhi from Fuda Cancer Hospital 

Dr Niu Lizhi graduated from the Fourth Military Medical University with a doctoral degree in Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery. Dr Niu specialised in minimally invasive cryosurgical cancer treatments and has made outstanding achievements in the treatment of pancreatic, liver, lung, renal, thyroid, peritoneal cancers, as well as other solid tumours.

Fuda Cancer Hospital in Guangzhou

Fuda Cancer Hospital is leading cancer centre in China that offers cutting-edge of cancer care and a range of complimentary therapies. Fuda’s approach to cancer therapy is to first leave behind what does no work, keeping what does work, and emphasising research and therapies that are minimally invasive and holistic. While many cancer treatment centers have a “one-treatment-fits-all” approach, Fuda prides itself on individualised treatment plans and using the body's natural systems to regulate, defend and repair itself.

An Australian boy in China 

On the 10th of June 2010, a young Australian boy sent a mail to President Xu Kecheng. His name is Gianni Ciccotosto, the grandson of an Australian patient in ward seven (7) of our hospital. In the letter, he wrote down: ”Dear Professor Xu. You are very friendly to my family and me...I have an important question to ask. Can I become a doctor and begin my study in your hospital now? I am willing to study and work hard.”

A nine-year old boy wrote this. After reading his letter, Professor Xu could not remain calm for quite a while. Our job touched the heart of a child.

Like Grandfather, Like Grandson

Alberto Giglia was the grandpa of that child. Alberto, a hotel owner, was seventy-one years old. He had three daughters and a son. He was from Perth in Western Australia. This city has produced two Nobel Prize winners specializing in Digestive diseases, Professor Barry Marshall and Dr Robin Warren. They discovered helicobacter pylori and brought about a revolutionary change in treatment of Digestive diseases and provided a new concept on the incidence of Gastric cancer.

Alberto Giglia was suffering from gastric cancer. When he was diagnosed, the tumour was un-resectable. Chemotherapy had failed to control the disease.

Travelling to Guangzhou

In September 2009, he came along with his two daughters and a grandson. This was the first time he came to Guangzhou, China. He was admitted into our hospital and his disease was under control after treatment.

More than a month ago he was examined in Australia and discovered that the primary foci of Gastric cancer and metastatic lymph nodes had mostly disappeared. The whole family was very happy.

He came back to our hospital for consolidation treatment. After the treatment, they went around Guangzhou to visit various places of attraction and to enjoy spectacular meals.

A bright future ahead and an Australian connection 

Gilberto told us that his grandson was very smart. When he noticed that his grandpa was getting better and better each day, he had the fantasy of studying medicine in China. On the 26th of June, Gilberto was discharged and Professor Xu Kecheng met them at the hospital lobby. Ciccotosto hold Pro Xu’s hand and asked him to promise that we would let him study medicine in our hospital.

In January this year when I visited Australia, I saw Giglia and his grandfather again.

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