Breast Friends


Check out these fabulous T-shirts created by the amazing Janine Le Febour- a mother of two; education assistant; breast cancer survivor and now taking on the world of Athleisure Fashion with her philanthropic label Breast Friends Australia.

In 2013, Janine was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. As a fit, not smoker, non drinker, the diagnosis came as a shock to her. She soon came to realise that to be able to make it thought this trying time she would need support for herself and her family. Whilst searching for support, she found Solaris Cancer Care (formerly Cancer Support WA).

Over the next 2 years Janine endured cancer, but she also found support, guidance and many friendships through Solaris Cancer Care.

“Solaris Cancer Care has taught me life strategies to help me cope, to make my future brighter and not to forget about being excited and always looking forward.

It was whilst receiving treatment, Janine formed a strong bond with a special circle of women that provided important support to each other throughout this journey – affectionately referring to each other as Breast Friends.

Unfortunately, in late 2016 one of her Breast Friends passed away, creating the urge for Janine to  help raise awareness of the importance of support throughout each cancer journey.

“Only late last year we lost one of our dear friends. This is why I have decided to endeavour to raise awareness and support others, with these shirts”

In 2017, Janine launched the brand Breast Friends Australia, with the first range of limited edition, athleisure tops just released. For every top sold a portion will be donated to Solaris Cancer Care with funds supporting clients in financial hardship.

"These are T-Shirts which can be worn on your early morning walk, when you are most grateful to be alive, or when you head to the gym, another reminder of how lucky we are to be strong enough to take care of our bodies...or just when you are hanging out at home or heading to the local shops - things we once took for granted."

The range of tops will be displayed in each of the metropolitan Solaris Cancer Care Centres. Tops range in price for $30 - $40 with part proceeds supporting the WA Cancer Community, through Solaris Cancer Care. To see the full range, visit the Breasties Australia Instagram and Facebook page.