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How can a Wellness Approach help me on my Cancer Journey?


How can a Wellness Approach help me on my Cancer Journey?

The diagnosis of cancer is a shock for people – fear emerges in many forms, creating stress and anxiety about the uncertainty of their future. When you stop to think about it – everyone is living with uncertainty about their future – they just don’t know it!!

Cancer has a way of demanding our attention – so it seems that all we think about is illness – and our perception of life is coloured by this focus. Your mind has a natural goal seeking mechanism – it needs something to focus on – so instead of focussing on illness – change the goal and focus on wellness. This can be easier said than done – but with a little coaxing – you will be surprised at just how accommodating your mind is. I love the saying: The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master – you make the choice by what you choose to focus on.

So, how can a Wellness Approach help me on my Cancer Journey? By focussing your mind on creating health and wellbeing. The cancer cells are far outnumbered by the healthy cells in your body – but how often do you focus on the healthy cells. How amazing is your body? We put it through so much but never show gratitude for the incredible job it does. I used to only have a massage when my back or shoulder hurt. It dawned on me many years ago during a massage that I only paid attention to my body when it had pain. What if I had massage regularly and rewarded it for not having pain? By giving myself regular time to focus on how amazing my body was – it stopped giving me pain to get my attention.

Instead of ‘fighting the cancer’ have you ever thought about changing your mind and creating an environment within your body/mind which is a peaceful place to be? By taking the approach of creating ‘inner peace’ – you can change your body, mind and emotions. This approach is different for different people. Some people need to clean up their toxic environment, some their toxic relationships and others need to connect to a part of themselves that they have never had time to explore before. Most people are looking for something outside of themselves to make their lives better, but it has been my experience that the healing comes from within – so that is where we need to look for true healing and inner peace.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said – ‘Life is a journey, not a destination’. The journey to wellness is different for everyone. So take the time to listen to your body and listen to what it is saying and enjoy the journey in life. Don’t wait until your body or emotions are in pain – take the time to listen now.

Cathy Brown, Client Services Leader and Wellness Facilitator at Cancer Support WA