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When was the last time you walked barefoot?

Most of us are aware that free radical and inflammatory damage can be neutralised by vitamins (including A, C and E) and polyphenols (found in tea, coffee, and cocoa). Earthing however, provides an additional route.

Human cultures have roamed the earth for centuries barefoot or with minimal foot protection. Humans slept, sat, ate, and worked outdoors, on the ground and in nature. Modernisation, technology, plains, trains and cars have established a growing rift between us and nature.

Walking bare foot on the earth provides a natural energy in the form of electrons. Homes and offices are filled with electronic devices which carry a positive charge. The earth surface, on the other hand, carries a negative charge. Grounding ourselves on the earth serves to neutralise the body’s positive voltage charge, bringing it back into balance.

By allowing electrons to flow into the body, the body returns to its natural electrical homeostasis. With this there are numerous physical, psychological and spiritual benefits to be obtained.

Research shows that the electrons carried through the body via earthing are potent antioxidants which can decrease levels of inflammation, decrease skin resistance and provide beneficial changes in heart rate (Mercola, 2012).

The disconnection experienced through thick, leather soled shoes, and floorboards can be rectified simply and easily by grounding ourselves into the earth. It’s one safe, free and easy tip that can be practices by anyone, any day.

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