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Celebrating 50 years of marriage giving back to the community


Rosa Spinella and her husband Nino, of Attadale, recently hosted a party to honor the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary. Celebrating 50 years together is a rare and special milestone which was made all the more exceptional when Rosa and Nino decided to celebrate it by making a big difference to the lives of others.


Fifteen years ago Rosa was diagnosed with cancer and as part of her recovery utilised the services and programs available at Cancer Support WA in Cottesloe. Rosa recalled the difference that this support made in her life and so, together with her husband, decided that it was time to give back.

Rosa and Nino asked their friends to consider making a donation to Cancer Support WA in lieu of purchasing a gift for them. Their goal was to help others dealing with cancer to gain access to the same services and support that Rosa herself had.

To date Rosa and Nino have raised nearly $5000 which will help fund services at Cancer Support WA for West Australian’s with cancer. These services include counselling services for both individuals with cancer and their families, support and grief groups, and home and hospital visits.

If you wish to share your story or help Cancer Support WA by hosting your own fundraising event, please contact [email protected]