As a community, we’re stronger together.

Cancer can be isolating. That’s why providing connection and community is central to how Solaris Cancer Care helps the WA community. We provide a community for people touched by any type of cancer, a safe oasis they can visit at any time to access evidence-based therapies, counselling, or simply for a conversation. 

Your tax-deductible donation this month will help our clients gain strength as they navigate all stages of cancer. 

As a 95% community funded organisation with limited Government funding, your support is lifechanging and will directly go towards ensuring that nobody in our community goes through cancer alone.

Your support helps people with cancer gain strength while navigating cancer:

Stronger in mind through psychosocial support that helps them navigate any issues that may face because of cancer

Stronger in heart through the empowerment they receive when they can make active choices to support their wellbeing.

Stronger in body through exercise-based therapies that helps them regain movement and flexibility after treatment.

Stronger in community through the connections they make when attending free workshops and group sessions.

Stronger in support through the assistance and advocacy they receive when getting treatment in Perth, far from their home and network in rural and regional WA.

“Solaris became a place I frequented to access complementary therapies like Reiki and find a quiet place to be in during the long hospital days. It gave me a place to go where I didn’t have to focus my energy on being in a ward. 

It is my safe space, with plenty of friendly faces and support.

Scott Reynolds, 2024 Solaris Ambassador

“Solaris is a safe, welcoming space to drop in for a cup of tea, have a chat with a friendly face, to wait between appointments, source information or to sleep on the couch if you need it. 

Their services helped me reduce the stress and side effects of my treatment, and to be able to access these services free of charge was invaluable.”

Courtney, client

“Solaris is an integral part of my journey. It is a place where I always find support and refuge, where it is always okay to not be okay. I think everyone who joins a session benefits from the knowledge, techniques and material. 

Ultimately, it is about how we all live our lives the best possible way with joy, connection and well-being.”

Laura, client

“Solaris Cancer Care was born with this single idea – to improve the quality of life and give patients a sense of control over their wellbeing.

This isn’t about curing the cancer; it’s about making the journey easier for people. It’s about getting people to the best space they can get to, given the hand of cards they’ve been dealt. 

I’m so proud to witness the growth of Solaris since 2001, from our start at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital to our impact today, having supported over 23,700 people affected by cancer in WA. The team and I are driven by the hope and light that these lifechanging services bring for people with cancer, and we will keep pushing harder to expand our outreach and support every Western Australian with cancer.”

– Dr David Joske, Founder and Chairperson

Help us bring continue bringing light and hope for Western Australians affected by cancer.